Communication Channels and Additional Tools

Winning loyalty of new customers and strengthening confidence of the existing ones

We have put in place reliable remote service channels and developed tools to improve the efficiency of our customers' marketing campaigns.
Choose the communication method that suits you best.
Improve the efficiency of and demand for your services.

Notification and Communication

Don’t confine yourself to any one communication channel. Multi-channeling is much more efficient!


Today's consumers are bombarded with so many offers that it causes negative feedback and translates into lowering loyalty. In order to avoid it, focus on proper targeting. Our Mobile Advertisement service will help you to achieve it.

Even if you have correctly identified your target audience and come up with compelling offers, it is necessary to select proper time to contact your customer. That is what our Real-Time Marketing is designed for.

But you are still risking to choose a wrong communication channel. Researchers are unanimous in addressing the question, which communication methods are preferred by the customers today, and what will be the trends for the next 5 years. The answer is simple – the future belongs to chat-based digital channels such as online consultants, messengers, and social media. This trend is particularly obvious among those between 17 and 35 years of age.

Feedback and Communication

Self-service systems give you additional opportunities to win audiences. Let your customers choose their preferred communication channels – they will appreciate it! The capabilities that we offer will help you to get your customers' feedback and evaluate the quality of your service.

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