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Operation of multiple remote service systems results in more complex infrastructure and process management, duplicated functionality, and lack of centralized monitoring and reporting. MFMSolutions offers "MFMS Integration Module". This industrial-grade solution is

  • Supportive of all communication channels and services
  • Easy to scale out
  • Easy and convenient to support
  • Centrally monitored
  • Regularly updated
  • Interoperable with third-party providers’ systems
  • Supportive of new technologies without any upgrading by the customer

Implementation Stages

Stage 1

Collection of requirements of integration with providers’ external information systems and platforms

Stage 2

Development of integration modules with specific logic and protocol support

Stage 3

Preparation of an installation package comprising all the core components and necessary higher-level modules

The basic module supply includes three Module Installation Package


The Gateway provides all the services related to the processing and delivery of voice, SMS, and push messages, USSD services, and emails. It also enables routing and IMSI verification logic.

Configuration Replicator

The Configuration Replicator periodically requests from the MFMSolutions platform updates of mobile service provider data and subscriber prefixes, and replicates subscribers’ MNP data.

User Interface

The User Interface grants Gateway users and administrators access to the Gateway configuration features, enables messaging and visualization of detailed and statistical reports

Additionally available:

Real-Time Marketing module

Definition and launch effective scenarios to stimulate customer activity

Graphical management interface for the module

It allows you to customize without programming the communication scenarios

Platform Features

The MFMS Platform is based on most reliable hardware from Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, and connected to two geographically dispersed datacenters. To improve its performance and reliability, we continuously upgrade our fleet of servers. For our operational environment and database, we rely on highly-stable solutions, such as Solaris 10 and Oracle 10g. The software component of our Platform is based on Java 2 Platform technology. The Platform meets the highest security standards.

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