Push – Advanced and Secure Alternative to SMS Notification

Advantages of Push Messages

Meeting diverse needs

Location-based services; interactive services with the ability to receive incoming messages; etc.

Unlimited capabilities

Instantaneous delivery of messages of any size and with any content: text, audio, images, etc.

Data protection

Data transfer over secure channels

Flat pricing

The size of text or attached file does not affect the price

Easy Service Activation

Quick Start

1. Import a ready-to-use library to your mobile application
2. Test the mailing feature
3. Look up stats and download detailed reports

Guaranteed Delivery

You can always rely on SMS, email, or voice channels as backup

Delivery Options

Delivery to Application

We can provide ready-to-use libraries for integration with customer's apps, or brand a partner's PFM application

Delivery to Messengers

We have signed a partnership agreement with Viber and completed testing of our service.
For more details read below

Delivery to ADVISA

Our partner’s PFM application, which sells well thanks to high demand for its functionality

Viber as an example of mailing to messenger apps

Millions of people all over the world use messenger-type applications. Viber is one of such popular applications. In August 2015, Viber announced having reached a user base of 600 million. By October 2015, the number of its registered users in Russia was 50 million.


  • Preinstalled smartphone application
  • Two-way messaging 
  • Support of text, images, video, links, reference buttons
  • Can be used as an official communication channel 
  • Chatting with a customer support service
  • Distribution of promo materials

Find more information about these mailing options

Find more information about these mailing options