Software Development

Research and Development

Take advantage of our 10-year experience of software development

We work with major customers engaged in the area of financial technology, remote/online services, marketing communications, and big data, and use advanced approaches and state-of-the-art technology to develop specialist software and implement forward-looking ideas.

Our expertise in software development combined with a wide range of telecommunication services give our customers flexibility they need to communicate with and provide remote services to their clients, as well as to pursue a comprehensive approach to their business tasks.

Our competence in trendsetting areas, such as Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Natural Language Processing, helps us to address the imperatives of our era and living environment.

Partnering Model

Chose the option which attracts you most from the perspective of efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Fixed Price

Having analyzed the customer's requirements, we estimate the scope of project, including each of its phases, in terms of time and cost. Normally, this model is efficient, if the requirements are set by the customer in a clear-cut manner. In this case, the project parameters, such as product release time and its final cost, are committed and can only be changed in accordance with pre-agreed procedures.

Dedicated Team

This model envisages building a project team, which will be involved in the project for a relatively long period of time (at least 3 months). The customer is expected to pay monthly, based on pre-agreed per-hour rates and the time spent by project team members. The headcount and lineup of the project team can be varied on previously agreed terms and conditions.

Time & Materials

With this model, we provide development, consulting, and quality assurance services based on preliminary estimates, but without attaching costs to specific project phases. The customer is expected to pay based on pre-agreed per-our rates. All the fulfilled works are included in reports that are to be produced periodically or on demand.

Project Phases

Evaluation and pre-implementation

At this initial stage, a detailed feasibility study, analysis and evaluation are conducted, and project documentation is developed.

Project implementation

At this main stage, all development and implementation works are done, and acceptance tests are performed. Operation instructions and manuals are furnished to the customer.

Post-implementation activities

At this stage, our experts provide warranty support and consulting services as needed.

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive and tailored approach to automation

Each project is designed for a specific industry, keeping in mind customer's existing business processes, structure, and goals. Our experience combined with ready-to-use and customizable products helps us offer our customers unique solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal costs.

Development, Deployment, and Support

In developing our software and assuring its quality we rely upon most advanced approaches. Our process is iterative in nature. In the first place, we develop and implement the system core. Then the functionality of the system is expanded by adding modules, which are developed independently. This approach ensures quick wins while helping to introduce adjustments and complete deployment under significant time pressure.

We always keep up with our customers paying special attention to most critical services.

Offering turn-key solutions to our customers' immediate problems, we are ready to enhance them in the future, should there be need for such evolution.

Testing and quality control

A special feature is the high detail test. It is undergoing tests in manual and automatic mode. When issuing the improvements carried out a full regression test. The priority is quality, short delivery times and reducing test resources

Development Technologies and Tools

  • Java, J2EE;
  • AKKA;
  • AngularJS;
  • React;
  • Docker;
  • Microsoft.NET;
  • L.A.M.P.;
  • Windows API;
  • Cocoa.
Programming Languages
  • Java;
  • Javascript;
  • C/C++;
  • Objective C;
  • C#, VB.Net;
  • PHP/Perl/Python;
  • Scala.
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • Linux;
  • FreeBSD;
  • IBM AIX;
  • Sun Solaris;
  • HP-UX.
Mobile Platforms
  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows Phone.
  • Oracle;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Cassandra.
Application Servers
  • IBM WebSphere;
  • Oracle AS, WebLogic Server;
  • JBoss AS;
  • Apache Tomcat;
  • Jetty;
  • Microsoft IIS.
  • RUP;
  • Agile (SCRUM);
  • Canban.

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