Interaction Protocols



Any other protocol on demand

Service Performance and Availability

The performance of service is only limited by equipment and can be increased by adding hardware.
Minimal hardware requirements for 20,000,000 active devices and 2,000 push messages per second are as follows:

  • Application server – 2 х ProLiant DL585 G7, AMD Opteron 4x2.5GHz 12 cores, 130gb RAM. Disk system – 15k rpm x 8
  • Database server – 1 x ProLiant DL385 G7, AMD Opteron 2x2.3GHz 16 cores, 130gb RAM. Disk system – 1Tb 15k rpm x 48

Our service features a level of availability of at least 99%. To achieve this, we deployed several geographically dispersed service nodes. All the service nodes and other key elements are redundant.

Access to the Internet is provided by several operators with the use of BGP full view.

Monitoring and Logging

  • Monitoring of CPU and memory utilization, sizes of queues, number of active devices and data channels, etc.
  • Customizable logging with rotation and archiving support
  • Embedded log analysis tools

Key Service Capabilities

  • One-time sending of an email message to one recipient
  • Sending of standard email messages to multiple recipients
  • Sending of personalized email messages to multiple recipients based on templates

Web-based email template management, including setting up template parameters.
Mailing group management, and email message preview.