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design, deployment, upgrading, and support of remote service and customer communication solutions

We offer our customers state-of-the-art technology, reliable communication channels, and innovative tools. Relying on our software development competence in combination with a wide range of telecommunication capabilities, our customers can flexibly provide remote and communication services to their clients, and pursue an end-to-end approach to their business tasks. By developing unique systems, we simplify infrastructure, centralize monitoring and reporting, and protect our customers' investments in their existing business processes.

Take advantage of our 10-plus-year experience and expertise

Examples of Tasks

Notification costs are too high

Solution – Migration to push notification

  1. Notify and inform users by sending push notifications directly to their apps and messengers.
  2. Back up your push notification system with SMS-notifications.

Pay for the SMS-notification only, if the backed-up push notification has never been delivered!

Similar tasks are dealt with by multiple systems

Solution – MFMS Integration Module

  1. Centralized access to all the services provided by the company through a single interface.
  2. Aggregated reporting, overall statistics, single monitoring system.
  3. Advanced technology, and regular updates.

Customizable end-to-end solution meeting individual customers' needs.

Customers are not aware of available loyalty programs

Solution – Make sure that your customers know what is there for them in each individual product.

  1. We will build your customers profiles based on the data provided by you.
  2. We will find out, when and how your customers make their decisions to buy.
  3. We will recommend a good deal using a loyalty program.
A mobile app does not support push notifications

Solution – PFM application from our partner or embedded mobile libraries.

  1. If you are short of budget to redesign your own app, use our embedded mobile libraries.
  2. If you do not have any app of your own, use our partner's PFM application, which can be offered to your target audience under your brand.

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Looking for a new customer segment based on set criteria, launching an advertisement campaign in one day

Solution - "Mobile Advertisement"

  1. Develop your audience selection criteria.
  2. Promote your compelling offer through a mobile ad targeting campaign.

Efficient, fast, targeted!

Your call center agents are overloaded, and your costs grow continuously

Possible solution -  Alternative communication channels & a ready-to-launch product for a contact center.

  1. Stay in touch with your customers with alternative communication channels:
    • Receive SMS messages from your customers
    • Maintain two-way communication via USSD
    • Send push notifications to your customers’ messengers and mobile apps
  2. Communicate with your customers in chats and messengers, optimize the way your call center agents work by introducing Threads.

Simple and intuitive user interface for employees. Convenient interface with KPI management tools for call center supervisors.

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