«Mobile Finance Management Solutions»

MFMSolutions focuses on providing SMS services to financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, management companies and money transfer systems.

Among company’s customers are 40 banks of various sizes. The major Russian and international banks value the quality and safety of our services.

Since our company focuses on providing services to credit organizations, and the confidentiality level of information transmitted via SMS is very high, our policy of selecting vendors and partners is built on reliability and safety criteria, both in terms of our technology base and legitimacy of provided services.

Our mission is to ensure availability and safety of financial administration worldwide over mobile phones.

Key Services


SMS Services for users of plastic cards and owners of credits

SMS for insurance companies

SMS-reporting to customers of insurance companies

SMS for money transfer systems

SMS notification to customers of money transfer systems

SMS for Unit Investment Funds (PIFs)

Information support for investors of Unit Investment Funds

Additional Services

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