Subscriber authentication and detection of SIM card replacement

About the Service

User authentication in our customers’ systems

Designed for the subscribers of those Russian cellular service providers who support IMSI  

Performance – up to 1,000 requests per second

Full-fledged network and service redundancy


  • This web service initiates issue of reference IMSI numbers for new subscribers, and enables subscriber base and IMSI management (IMSI resetting and reissuing).
  • Configure a list of message types subject to SIM card IMSI verification prior to sending.
  • Create a white list of subscribers for who IMSI verification will not apply.

Implementation Example

When a message addressed to our customer's subscriber comes, an asynchronous request for the subscriber’s IMSI is sent to the telecom provider. The received IMSI is added to our database table as a reference value. In the future, on receipt of messages for this subscriber his/her IMSI will be automatically (synchronously) compared against this value, and, should the values match, those messages will be forwarded to the subscriber. If there is no match, the subscriber will get a proper notification (e.g., ‘Your SIM card verification failed. Please contact your bank').

If it is not possible to get such a reference value (e.g. subscriber is not available, network equipment failed, etc.), depending on the error code received, a decision is made, if the attempts (asynchronous) to get the IMSI should be repeated, or the message should be forwarded without verification. The customer can re-initialize the subscriber’s account (send a request for a new reference IMSI) through the personal office, or by emailing a command to a special address.