Direct Customer Communication Via Messenger Apps

Available Messengers and their Advantages

Make it to a new service level


Viber + Viber Public Accounts
  1. Verified account
  2. Delivery of text, images, ineractive buttons
  3. Delivery status details
  4. Work with geo-data and media content


  1. Chatbots and group chatting
  2. Geolocation data and media content
  3. Enhanced security (data encryption)


Facebook Messenger
  1. Support of users’ open data
  2. Transparent promotion and distribution
  3. Welcome message for new users


Coming Soon!
  1. Big audience, version for business
  2. Broad targeting capabilities (based on gender, age, region, etc.)


Coming Soon!
  1. Up to 2,000 characters per message, media content
  2. Geolocation data


V Kontakte Dialogs
Coming Soon!
  1. Images and documents
  2. Chatbots

How We Can Help

Our solutions improve our customers' ability to sell helping them to benefit more from their digital strategies

Online communications

Maintain real-time communication through your customers' preferred channels. Install a messenger widget on your website and receive your customers’ messages to your ServiceDesk or CRM systems.

Cost-saving and service improvement

Reduce your SMS-related costs by sending some of your service messages to your clients' messenger apps. Maintain conversations and provide information in an attractive, user-friendly format.

Custom development

With our API, you will be able to unlock in full the potential of your messengers, for example, through their integration with other systems or creation of chatbots.

Viber Messenger

As an accredited partner of Viber, we guarantee legitimacy of your messaging activities


Millions of people all over the world use messenger-type applications. Viber is one of such popular applications. In August 2015, Viber announced having reached a user base of 600 million. By October 2015, the number of its registered users in Russia was 50 million.


  • Preinstalled smartphone application
  • Support of text, images, video, links, reference buttons
  • Can be used as an official communication channel 
  • Chatting with a customer support service


  • Size of message – up to 1,000 characters
  • Messaging rate – 1,000 messages per second
  • Delivery status details
  • Sender identification (logo and symbolic name – up to 28 characters, branded images)

Our recommendations:

  • Messages should be targeted, transactional, or informative
  • Viber can block promo messages, if they are not transactional and/or addressed to specific users


Use channels and bots to communicate with your clients

Today, Telegram is offering the richest lineup of chatbots meeting the users' diverse needs. Telegram is an open platform which helps to take full advantage of chatbot functionality.

Key advantages:

  • Chatbots in group chats
  • Support of geolocation data
  • Active distribution
  • PIN/SMS-based authorization
  • Higher security of correspondence
  • Media content


  • Size of message – up to 4,000 characters
  • Messaging rate – 30 messages per second with multiple recipients
  • Sender identification (photo/image, name/description, trade mark)

Our recommendations:

  • Avoid sending more than 1 message per second while using an individual chat.
  • Observe the limit of 20 messages per minute in working with a group.

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