Real-Time Marketing

Unlock the potential of loyalty programs, optimize your customer care

As the infoglut increases, companies face more difficulties in delivering their key messages to consumers. To help banks stay in touch with their clients and influence their behavior, we give them tools to run targeted communication campaigns through the channels their clients are used to. Engage in an efficient dialog with consumers by using Real-Time Marketing.

How it works

We carry out statistical analysis to identify strong patterns in the behavior of consumers. In the bulk of metadata, we find the starting points of the most typical behavior scenarios, and offer the consumers financial steps they can easily make with the help of a bank. This yields huge opportunities for: 

  • Attracting clients to a mobile bank
  • Increasing the penetration rate of an Internet bank
  • Cross-selling credit and deposit products
  • Growing the portfolio of credit card products
  • Reducing the share of cash-based transactions
  • Growing acquiring revenues 


Increasing credit card utilization and card transaction volumes

Promotion of loyalty programs and other products

Reduction of client attrition

  • Extended client lifecycle due to higher client satisfaction
  • Increased buying frequency helped by identification of clients' habits
  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness of loyalty programs due to more accurate identification of key [success] factors
  • Optimized return on investment (ROI) in communication campaigns
  • Fine-tuned offers and attractive loyalty programs considering clients' lifestyles and preferences
  • Profitability growth through identification of most valuable clients
  • Easy generation of reports on campaign statistics
  • Tools to identify loyal client audiences