For 10+ years, we have been working with the various departments and divisions of our customers’ organizations. With their individual needs in mind we offer our customers reliable and efficient solutions helping them to achieve more for less.

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Quality customer support is key for successful promotions of any goods and services. Offering innovative solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies we bring you closer to your customers and help you to migrate to advanced digital communication channels.

All your communications will be timely, convenient, and compelling.


End-to-end solutions from MFMSolutions enable low-cost introduction of new technologies, simplify infrastructure, centralize control and monitoring, etc.

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We provide communication channels

Information at your fingertip

We develop and offer ready-to-use tools



Real-Time Marketing

Decision-making algorithms and customer relationship management mechanisms based on reliable information



Proactive fraud management service


Mobile advertisement

Grow your mobile network’s subscriber base through targeted advertisement


Solution for Contact Centers

Meet Threads

Stay in touch with your customers using chats and messengers. Improve your customer service and grow sales with new capabilities

Intuitive, user-friendly interface for your employees
Convenient KPI management tools for contact center supervisors

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PFM Application





We are happy to introduce a solution developed jointly by MFMSolutions and Advisa. This solution is a new way to communicate and deliver banking information.

Launched in 2013, our project resulted in 3 application versions – Universal, Branded, and SDK-based.

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